Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are made from natural acids from fruits. The most common one used is glycolic and salicylic acid. Both of these peels help improve acne skin, dry skin, and is very hydrating. Most people come for a chemical peel once a month and do a series of 4-6 treatments. Your skin may appear red and sensitive for a day or so. You can resume back to normal activities except the gym, hot steamy showers & saunas, waxing or threading, laser & IPL treatments for one week. We recommend not to wear any makeup the day of a treatment. You also may be sensitive to the sun and will need to protect your skin with a good SPF 30 or higher.  

We do not recommend this treatment if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking antibiotics, or on accutane. Please contact our clinic for more information to see if you are a candidate for PRP hair restoration.